Firewall Protection Services

A firewall is an important tool for computer maintenance and protection. The name Firewall was aptly chosen, as it is a figurative wall which guards against outside influences. Firewalls can promise to do this because they prevent people inside of a system downloading external information from sources that have been blacklisted, or alternatively only allow […]

The Potential Issues with Transferring Files

Transferring files can be a very temperamental process, which can go wrong in a multitude of ways. Some of them, such as corrupted backups, don’t really have a solution, but you can take measures both during and after the process which can be beneficial. There are really only a couple of reasons why you would […]

Basic Computer Maintenance

Maintaining a computer is relatively easy, or at least it is when you’re just covering a few things. It can also have a big impact on the longevity of your computer and how well it runs while it lasts. Anyway, here are a few tips on maintaining your PC: Maintaining Your Hardware; Dusting your hardware […]

IT Support Employee or Outsourcing?

A companies decision on whether to hire an IT specialist or to outsource it to an IT agency is an important one. It has a number of implications which are worth knowing, such as how outsourcing your requirements can give you access to an infrastructure which has the potential to be more efficient and able […]

The Benefits of Microsoft Exchange

If you run your own business and have grown  it beyond just a few staff members, then you’re now approaching the point where the demands of managing your staff’s computer network effectively may require you to enquire about Microsoft Exchange servers. Microsoft Exchange is a type of network server which works a lot differently to […]