Is your web design compatible?

With so many devices such as smart phones, tablets and micro laptops being used to access websites it is vital that yours looks and functions correctly on all devices. This is a problem that many designers and programmers face when designing a website, it’s easy to have a page designed on a desktop PC and […]

Starting a computer repair company

If you are looking to start up your own business as a computer repair or computer services shop then you will need to consider exactly what aspects you will deal with. Computers can be a very vast subject and knowing exactly the services you offer up front can make life a lot easier as well […]

Helping the elderly get online

With the way of the world being very much focused on the internet and online applications, it is important that even the older generation have the option to learn how it works and be able to use it if they need to. Sometimes elderly people have been bought a smart phone, tablet or laptop to […]

Tablet verse laptop – which to buy?

Whether it’s for professional use or personal it can be a difficult choice as to whether you get a laptop or a tablet. Despite a laptop being transportable a tablet is much lighter and less bulky so can usually fit easily into a small bag or handbag. It can be very much dependant on what […]

Keeping your members of staff IT trained

Many jobs now involve some element of IT. Depending what industry and job role it is, there may be a lot of IT skills needed and as technology advances it is important for all members of staff to stay up to date. Microsoft often bring out updates to their software and sometimes these updates make […]

Taking care when installing updates

Updates always seem to happen at the most inappropriate time. With so many different applications and software programs installed on devices, it seems that there is always one that is updating. Although you may get notifications of updates starting or scheduled to start, some will only do this once and then run the update after […]