Using email as part of your marketing

Marketing is a very diverse subject and had many different elements to it. When first entering the world of marketing it can be quite difficult to study all the different types f marketing and decide which one may work best for your business. Some forms work better for some businesses than others do and this […]

Has your laptop given up?

Laptops tend to decline over time. You may find that they become slower and slower or that the battery can’t hold a charge so they will only work when plugged in. It is vital to back up your laptop as often as possible but it is even more important if this starts to happen as […]

Training members of staff on IT systems and software

With the pandemic hitting last year, many businesses had to switch their services to allow for less face to face interaction. This meant that many had to implement new IT systems in order to sell online, allow customers to change, track or place new orders and view invoices. Lots of businesses not only had to […]

Is it time to upgrading your PC?

If you have a PC or laptop that isn’t working as well as it should then it may be time to upgrade it. Often over time, components start to slow down and as new software and updates come out which require more memory, our computers start to struggle to keep up. Before you think about […]

How to find the right CMS system for your business

A content management system which is known as CMS for short is essentially the back end of your website that is usually used to update, add and remove content, images and products and pages. All CMS systems offer slightly different options in regards to what you can do and many of them also have split […]

Creating a user friendly website

When it comes to building a website, it is important to keep in mind who your target audience are and what they will want and need from your site. It is all too easy to get carried away and create a site based on your own personal preference rather than focusing on your customers. Firstly, […]