Back up of website files is vital

If you have a website then it is important that you know how often it is backed up. If you pay for hosting, the chances are the hosting company will be backing up your site for you. It is not only important to check how often this happens but how and where they are backed up and what files are included.
A website usually has front end files and also a database which stores all the information such as the content on the pages and image references. If you only have one of these and not the other you will struggle to make a complete site from the back up should you need to.
Your website should be backed up daily if you often may changes to it or possibly weekly / monthly if changes are rarely made. The reason it is important to have a backup is should something happen to your server or if your website gets hacked then you can very quickly get your site up and running again and have as little downtime as possible. This may save you money as you will not miss out on sales or enquiries.