How to give your website a more professional feel

When you first have a website created you may not know exactly what you want it to look like and how it should all work. Over time you tend to get a feel for what is expected within your industry and a taste for what sort of websites you like and your customers want.

Over time you may decide it’s time for a change and decide that you want to make it look more professional. There are a few simpl things you can do to transform your website without having to start all over again.

Many websites are adopting the fresh, simple look, making room for white backgrounds, full widths sites and slow moving elements. Simply changing the font on your site or even the colour of your font from black to a dark grey can give it that touch of class that you may have been looking for.

One way to improve your site is to look at all the images used on it. Research shows that poor quality images can make a website look low quality and can lose a number of sales as the visitors perceive that if the website is poor quality then the product or service will be too.