What are the benefits of having an app for your company?

Most businesses now realise how important the online world of marketing can be and the majority of companies are now on board with having a website or at least profiles on the social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. But some companies are looking to take that even further by creating an app that can be downloaded on to a smart device through one of the stores (Google Play, ITunes, Android for example).
There is a variety of ways to use an app for your business and depending on what functionality you need in your app will determine the cost. Some companies have an app that is similar to their website but allows people to tailor notifications, receive instant updates and allow for a better viewing experience. This can have an extremely positive effect on a business and very quickly allow a company to make the money back that they invested on the production of the app. Other companies want an app to allow their clients to log in to a secure area and manage their finances or emails for example. As you can imagine, security is of the utmost importance when developing an app, especially if it is going to have a secure log in area. This is often where a huge chunk of the cost is involved.