The Potential Issues with Transferring Files

Transferring files can be a very temperamental process, which can go wrong in a multitude of ways. Some of them, such as corrupted backups, don’t really have a solution, but you can take measures both during and after the process which can be beneficial. There are really only a couple of reasons why you would […]

Basic Computer Maintenance

Maintaining a computer is relatively easy, or at least it is when you’re just covering a few things. It can also have a big impact on the longevity of your computer and how well it runs while it lasts. Anyway, here are a few tips on maintaining your PC: Maintaining Your Hardware; Dusting your hardware […]

Paying for Cheap Data Backup Solutions

Backing up your data can be a costly yet necessary part of business for many industries, so having cheap but effective options at your disposal is essential for many. A lot of businesses which outsource their website hosting and local data storage will find that those providers will often provide fairly cheap backup storage services, […]

SSD vs SSHD: Which One Should You Buy?

If you’re looking to purchase a new PC/laptop or upgrade your hard disk drive, you would have probably noticed the terms SSD and SSHD. SSD – solid-state drive is a faster version of a USB flash drive. The SSD has no moving parts, meaning it’s good for portable use. SSHD – solid-state hybrid drive has […]

Different types of Sound Cards

Without a sound card you would not be able to process any audio through your computer. Most, if not all computers / laptops when bought have a sound card installed from the onset. If yours is not fit for your intended purpose outside of basic audio requirements then there are a few things you should […]

Choosing a Graphics Card

If you’re set on building your own computer or handpicking the elements of a computer than a graphics card is an important consideration. If your computer is not solely for business purposes and may at times be used to play games, then a high quality graphics card is ideal. A PCI Express x16 card can […]