Getting your computers networked

If you have a number of computers in an office and want to be able to quickly share files and documents then you may need to install a network. There are a number of ways of networking computers and some companies opt for an exchange server. This is a server that will most likely be […]

The Benefits of Microsoft Exchange

If you run your own business and have grown  it beyond just a few staff members, then you’re now approaching the point where the demands of managing your staff’s computer network effectively may require you to enquire about Microsoft Exchange servers. Microsoft Exchange is a type of network server which works a lot differently to […]

What is FTP?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, and it plays an important part in the management of a website. It is a network protocol which enables the transfer of computer files from one host to another over the Internet.   FTP originated as a command line application, when it served many of the same functions as […]

Cloud Network Services and Products

As our reliance on computers has developed and grown over just the last couple of decades, an internal network has become one of the most important assets for a lot of businesses, but they can also be expensive to build and to maintain. So, looking at alternative methods of getting a network which are cheaper […]

Boosting Wi-Fi Signals

Many internet users have problem with their WiFi signal. You may have coming into your router, but is the internet reaching your chosen device the way it should be? Back in the day we never had this problem as the majority were on hard-wired internet, which is of course much more reliable. But times have […]