How to find the right CMS system for your business

A content management system which is known as CMS for short is essentially the back end of your website that is usually used to update, add and remove content, images and products and pages. All CMS systems offer slightly different options in regards to what you can do and many of them also have split […]

Keeping your desktop organised

It is very common with any PC or laptop to find that your desktop has become a bit of a dumping ground. Offer we save files and create shortcuts on to the desktop without really sorting them out. After a while you will probably start to notice that the screen is full of many different […]

Design and photo editing software packages

If you are a designer then you will probably have your favourite editing software that you use when designing packaging, websites, leaflets etc. Some designers use a number of different software applications to create logos, print work and website visuals depending on what the task is that they need to complete. Some designers swear by […]