Taking care when installing updates

Updates always seem to happen at the most inappropriate time. With so many different applications and software programs installed on devices, it seems that there is always one that is updating. Although you may get notifications of updates starting or scheduled to start, some will only do this once and then run the update after that. Windows have recently done a rather large update that can often take over an hour to install. If this happens in the middle of your working day when you are on a deadline to get something completed, it may mean you have very little you can do and cannot get your work finished on time.

Updates are often designed to improve functionality or security but in turn, they can often actually cause corruptions and issues within the program and any associated ones. Before doing any major updates it is worth taking a full back up of your PC or laptop and also has another computer on hand that you can use should you not be able to access your other one.

Try and wait a few days until installing a new update unless it is vital to do so as this will allow issues that may be caused by the update to come to the attention of the developers.