Finding good IT support in schools

When working as a teacher in a primary school you may find yourself assuming the role of information technology coordinator. It could be that you have no expert knowledge in this area yet are often called upon to resolve computer issues that occur in school or be responsible for seeking out the appropriate external support.

Usually local authorities have a dedicated IT support department for schools that can be contacted if the school has paid for this service. Visits to the school can be infrequent and so some schools prefer to make their own arrangements for IT support which can provide a more satisfactory service overall in terms of speed at which issues are resolved.

It is important to choose the right support for your school depending on which devices are used and how frequently regular support is required. Obviously, the cost of this service can be restrictive but in terms of easing the frustration of the teaching staff being unable to use IT equipment in their lessons it is worth the cost to have speedy resolutions to problems.

It may be possible to negotiate a service schedule with an external company to provide regular checks on internet security and also to provide relevant staff training.