Problems with your WiFi connection

Many of us rely heavily on our internet, whether it be on our phones, tablets or computers. It may be that you use the computer for work purposes and it is essential that you have a good WiFi connection that is not only fast but also reliable.

If you have a fault with your WiFi connection it is very hard to establish what is wrong. Firstly you need to check that your router is working and that other devices can connect to it. This way you can then be sure that the problem is within your computer and not the router. I would recommend running the network adapter and connections trouble shooter, this will often find the problem and resolve it without you having to do anything. If this still does not fix it, then it is worth restarting your router and also your computer. If you see a problem appear saying it cannot identify the network or the IP address, then you can enter the command prompt box and flush / restart the IP service. You can find a number of good walkthroughs online of how to do this. If all else fails then you could try using an external wireless adapter as it may be that the internal one is no longer working.