Buying a second hand computer or laptop

Depending on what you want a computer or laptop for you can easily spend in excess of £500 on your new piece of technology. This can be a large chuck of money for many people to have to find and with prices of second hand IT equipment often at a fraction of the cost, it is easy to see what many people chose to go down this route instead.

When buying a second hand PC or laptop you need to be very carefully and take time to not only check the product is in good working order but also that it matches up to the spec that you need it to. If for example, you want a computer that is going to be ideal for playing games, then you will need to find one that has a good graphics card set up and has plenty of memory. You will also need to check the operating system requirements to ensure that they meet the minimum of the games you wish to play.

Never buy a second hand computer or laptop without seeing it work and ideally for a period of time as often with laptop, they can start to over heat after they have been running for a little while and this is where the problems start.