Buying a second laptop

If you work in a job when you reply on a computer then you may need to invest in a second lap top. Many people use a lap top for work and often even forget to back it up. The problems can start when their laptop starts to fail and they realise that not only have they got no other way to complete their work, but they may lose work they have no other access to if they have not backed up.

When buying a second laptop you need to decide if you are going to use the new one as your primary laptop and the older one as a back up or the other way round. You probably want to use your highest spec laptop as your main one but if it is old and becoming unreliable then this may not be the best solution. If you do back up to another laptop, be sure to have at least two copies on file somewhere so should one back up become corrupted you still have another one.

If you want a laptop that is going to be fast then opt for one with a SSD drive (solid state drive) this will make starting up your computer and starting applications quicker to load allowing you more work time.