Comparing laptops when looking to buy a new one

Buying a new laptop may be something that you want to do or something that you need to do for work purposes. Many people who are self-employed and work on a laptop say they like having a new one but often it’s a case of needing to buy it rather than wanting to.
If you use your laptop for work it is especially important that it is reliable and have all the features you need. Less and less laptops are coming with a DVD/ CD player/writer, so if this is something that you will need, you may find your options are limited immediately.
Speed is often something that many people focus on when looking for a new laptop. With the release of SSD Memory, many laptops are a lot quicker now, but you often lose valuable hard disk space buy opting for SSD. SSD memory is also said to be more reliable due to the lack of moving parts. The price you may pay for a 256 GB SSD laptop is probably equivalent to the price you would pay for a 1TB non SSD laptop. Check how much space you really need as you may find that 256 GB is enough or that you are happy to use a portable hard drive to store most of your work on.