Is it worth investing in a SSD?

You may have heard the term SSD, more and more recently when looking at the spec of different computers. SSD stands for Solid State Drive and can offer many advantages to people who are looking to improve the speed and reliability of their computer. Solid Stats Drives, unlike Hard Disk Drives, have no moveable parts, which means there is less to go wrong. The HDD (Hard Disk Drive) using a spinning disk which reads and writes data magnetically. An SSD reads and writes the data to a substrate of interconnected flash memory chips, which are fabricated out of silicon.

Overall a Solid State Drive can read and write a lot quicker than many HDD’s can.

High-performance servers, laptops, desktops or any application that needs to deliver information in real time or near real time can benefit from solid-state drive technology. Many businesses or people who use their laptop a lot for work purposes are now choosing to opt for a SSD over a HDD as time wasted waiting for start up and applications to function is also money wasted.

You may need to splash out on a new laptop or PC to benefit from a SSD and many of them can be upgraded. You can buy a SSD and then install it where the HDD is currently.