Making sure your PC is powerful enough to cope with the tasks you want to do

When it comes to buying a PC or laptop, although you may not fully understand all of the spec it is important to try and have an idea of what sort of thing you want. You may just rely on the shop assistants advice when you go to purchase one but unfortunately they do not always know and sometimes may give you incorrect information. Another reason why you should try and find out what spec you need is so you can compare prices online as often the best deals to be had are online.

If you want a computer for gaming then the Memory and Graphics card and Processor are probably going to be important factors, you need to make sure that these are fats enough and can handle game playing. If you are wanting a PC or laptop mostly for using Word or Excel ect then you can probably get away with a cheaper model but if you are wanting to install Windows 10 then you will need a min of 2GB of RAM ideally at least 3GB.

Some laptops and PC’s will tell you what they are suitable for. It doesn’t take long to do a bit of research to find out what the different components of a computer are used for and how to compare them.