Tablet versus laptop – which to buy?

Whether it’s for professional use or personal it can be a difficult choice as to whether you get a laptop or a tablet. Despite a laptop being transportable a tablet is much lighter and less bulky so can usually fit easily into a small bag or handbag.

It can be very much dependant on what sort of work you are wanting to do on the device as a tablet is fine for basic computing but can’t do the more processor intensive work such as Photoshop.

Disc space and memory typically will be smaller on a tablet however this may not be too much of an issue if you use cloud storage or have an external hard drive.

You can get laptops where the screen disconnects and becomes a tablet-like device however these are heavier than a standard tablet usually and can be a bit bulky also or alternatively you can get a tablet that connects to a keyboard to allow for easier typing.

Whichever you choose it’s always good to do plenty of research, reading reviews and comparing different specifications to ensure you get the most suitable device and also get the most for your money.