Upgrading your PC

Overtime you’re desktop or laptop may become sluggish. You may find that programmes are not running as reliably as they should or that the whole start up process is taking far too long. This can often be due to lack of memory or RAM in the computer and therefore will require an upgrade. Desktops are fair easy to upgrade, if you know what parts you need, as often they are easily unplugged and the new part plugged back in to its place. With a laptop you may have more issues as often components are harder to get to and it is very easy to damage other parts of the laptop whilst in the process of upgrading another part.

If you are looking for an upgrade and are not confident in what you need to do then I would strongly advise seeking the help and advice of a specialist PC repair company. They will be able to advise you on what you need and will usually carryout the upgrade for you.