Which hosting package is right for you?

If you are looking to have your website hosted by a third party, you may be given a number of packages that you can choose from. Often these are shared hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated hosting or cloud hosting. They often go up in price accordingly and each has their own advantages and disadvantages. If you have a website that you need to have hosted on a very reliable and secure server and possibly need to change some of the server settings, then a dedicated server or cloud server may be the option for you.

A dedicated server is often used by large companies who need an advanced level of security. They may hire a server off another hosting company and their website will be the only one that resides on it. If you have a steady, high load then a dedicated server can be set to allow the right bandwidth. With a dedicated server, you may have to have a closer eye on what is happening regarding updates, the physical state of the server’s components and also check that it will cope with higher loads of traffic if needed.

A cloud server offers great flexibility and will change its performance to meet demands. This means if you suddenly have an increase in traffic to your site the server will be able to manage this and then drop back down afterwards. Many people are opting for cloud servers as they are reliable and as they are not based on just one physical server, they often have 100% uptime.