Cloud Network Services and Products

As our reliance on computers has developed and grown over just the last couple of decades, an internal network has become one of the most important assets for a lot of businesses, but they can also be expensive to build and to maintain. So, looking at alternative methods of getting a network which are cheaper and in budget becomes a priority for a lot of them.

One of these methods is a cloud network service. A cloud is an external source of hosting, whereby a large number of servers are used to store the same data. It has a number of benefits as well as some drawbacks.

Its benefits:

  • If any of the servers go down or experience a disruption then the rest of them are there to make sure the service doesn’t go down.
  • Because a large number of services are providing resources, you don’t really need to worry about usage limits like with a more traditional hosting service.

Its Drawbacks:

  • Because the information isn’t stored locally, you’re entirely dependent upon the internet for your connection to it, so it can be an even bigger problem if your internet goes down.
  • The technology hasn’t been tested as thoroughly as alternatives, so there are still a number of issues with, though hopefully these will be dealt with over time.