Selecting the correct hosting company for your website

Choosing the right hosting company is an important choice that you need to make when it comes to setting your website live. You may decide to use the same hosting company that you use for your emails or you may decide to keep the two separate.

You need to ensure that choose one that will give you not only a reliable service but also support when needed.  Hosting packages can vary from a few pound a month upwards of hundreds of pounds a month depending on what type of server you need.

If you have a website that is likely to have a lot of traffic going to it every day then you may decide to go for a dedicated server as this can often offer a higher bandwidth limit and you will not need to worry about other sites being hosted on the same server as yours.

Its search engine optimisation is important to you then you may also wish to find the hosting company that hosts their websites in the UK (if you are based in the UK) as some programmers believe that this is important part of the Google algorithm when it comes to website ranking.

If you find that your server is unreliable and keeps going off line then speak to your hosting company and if it doesn’t improve you may need to move your website elsewhere.