Keeping your desktop organised

It is very common with any PC or laptop to find that your desktop has become a bit of a dumping ground. Offer we save files and create shortcuts on to the desktop without really sorting them out. After a while you will probably start to notice that the screen is full of many different icons. Often some shortcuts will have the same picture for the icon so unless you rename each one and change the picture manually, you may not be able to distinguish between them all.
This can be very frustrating when you are looking for a particular program or shortcut. If you right click on an icon, go to properties, there is an option to change icon picture. You will have to use a .ico type file but there are a number of free converters on the internet that allow you to change a JPEG or PNG in to these types of files. You can also organise you tiles in to folders to group documents or programs together. This is especially useful for ones that you don’t use very often as they will still be there but not taking up as much room.