Providing an internet safety course for children

If children are using the internet whether it be at school or at home on phones or tablets, they need to have had access to an internet safety course. There are companies that will be willing to deliver these courses, but it is possible to design your own course as long as it contains the recommended content.

Sharing of personal information online is often a pitfall that children can fall into. It is a good idea to think of a username that is nothing like their own name so that it can be used online and decide on a strong password that must be memorised and never shared. It is important to encourage children visiting online gaming sites to only accept requests from people they know, who are their friends in the real world and that it is easy to create fake profiles. Parental controls can be set so that they need permission before accepting any requests.

Applications that allow participants to share photographs and videos are becoming increasingly popular and so children need to be taught the dangers of sharing images online.

Reporting unsuitable online content is an essential aspect of any internet safety course. Children should be encouraged to share their concerns with a trusted adult and report the site online if possible.