Sending your employees on IT courses

As a business owner you may think it is best not to send your employees on too many courses due to the cost of the courses but also the cost for the business having staff members out of the business for a few days. This often means that you are only thinking about the short term consequences and not the long term affect it has. Yes, you may have to fork out initially and have staff members covering other work but it often means that the person that is being trained has more skills when they come back and work more efficiently.

When looking at courses to send your staff on think about the location. If the course is far away then you will often have to pay for accommodation and travel expenses to and from the course. If the course are local you can probably just pay for their fuel or offer them a company car to use. It may also be more cost effective to send more than one member of staff on a course at a time. If you have multiple members that need training then you may want to look in to the cost of having someone come to you to train them rather than having to go away to do it.