Helping the elderly get online

With the way of the world very much focused on the internet and online applications, it is important that even the older generation have the option to learn how it works and be able to use it if they need to. Sometimes elderly people have been bought a smartphone tablet or laptop to allow them to access online banking, view bills or make appointments online but they often have little knowledge of how to use them safely. Unfortunately, there are some people out there that will take advantage of this and try and get a person to pass on secure information or allow them access to their device without them really being aware of what they are doing.

There are now courses that have been designed for elderly people to teach them the basics of the internet and online security. These courses can often be done in their home or in a local community hall and are taken at a slow pace to allow everyone to fully understand what is being taught.

The BBC Webwise website has a lot of information on there for people who are happy to have a read through at their own pace.