Keeping your members of staff IT trained

Many jobs now involve some element of IT. Depending on what industry and job role it is, there may be a lot of IT skills needed and as technology advances it is important for all members of staff to stay up to date.

Microsoft often brings out updates to their software and sometimes these updates make a massive difference to how you operate your computer. Windows 8, for example, was totally different to Windows 7 and meant a lot of people had to spend time learning how to use it. It may be worth sending staff members on IT training courses once a year or so just to give them a refresh on the latest advances. Having staff who are trained in IT can really improve productivity and help them be able to complete tasks quicker and easier.

If you have a large number of people who need to be IT trained then it may work out more cost effective to have someone come into the business to train them all rather than having to have people travelling and being out of the office on different days over the course of a few months or so.