How to easily speed up your internet

When you are using the internet either for work or to search for information it can be very frustrating if the speed of your internet uploads and downloads is slow.  Reporting this issue to your service provider is the first thing to try as this can sometimes lead to a resolution but there are other strategies that may help speed things up.

If your router is more than five years old, it may need updating. This is quite easy to rectify by contacting your provider who will be able to check whether the router is working properly.

Where your router is sited could also be causing a problem as nearby electrical devices could cause interference with the Wi-Fi signal. Although moving it to a different location may be difficult, a computer engineer would be able to re-site the router to a better place thereby improving the signal and the speed.

A further step that can be taken when trying to speed up the internet is to install a signal booster. This plugs into a power socket and into the back of the router and so uses your wired power supply to channel internet reception. This is often needed when the router is in a different room to your computer.