Back up of website files is vital

If you have a website then it is important that you know how often it is backed up. If you pay for hosting, the chances are the hosting company will be backing up your site for you. It is not only important to check how often this happens but how and where they are backed […]

Sending your employees on IT courses

As a business owner you may think it is best not to send your employees on too many courses due to the cost of the courses but also the cost for the business having staff members out of the business for a few days. This often means that you are only thinking about the short […]

Outsourcing you IT requirements

More and more business are using IT equipment within their office or workplace. IT is ever growing and often moves fast meaning that you need to keep on the ball to ensure that you are protected from threats of viruses etc. and that you are using up to date accurate software. You have a few […]

Which hosting package is right for you?

If you are looking to have your website hosted by a third party, you may be given a number of packages that you can choose from. Often these are shared hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated hosting or cloud hosting. They often go up in price accordingly and each has their own advantages and disadvantages. If […]

Is it worth investing in a SSD?

You may have heard the term SSD, more and more recently when looking at the spec of different computers. SSD stands for Solid State Drive and can offer many advantages to people who are looking to improve the speed and reliability of their computer. Solid Stats Drives, unlike Hard Disk Drives, have no moveable parts, […]

Buying a second laptop

If you work in a job when you reply on a computer then you may need to invest in a second lap top. Many people use a lap top for work and often even forget to back it up. The problems can start when their laptop starts to fail and they realise that not only […]