Beginner at website design? What should I know?

For some new business owners whilst deciding on a business plan they may decide that having a website is going to be necessary to promote the business effectively however it can be an overwhelming prospect especially if your own computer skills are lacking. The two main choices open to you when you want a website is to either learn the skills to do this yourself or employ a web designer and developer to design and optimise your business website for you.

Should you decide to design your own website there are many online websites available offering to instruct and enable you to develop an individual site however there are also companies that can provide a template based design so that some of the basic programming has been done and you simply upload your company details and images. This is of great benefit to those who are unsure of their capability and can result in a simple web presence for little outlay. Once your business is established a more detailed website can be launched.

A more professional website will of course cost more initially but if you have sufficient funds in your marketing budget it is probably wise to employ a web developer to design and build your business site for you.