Can social media advertising replace the need for a website?

Most social media platforms have useful marketing capabilities allowing you to sell products, receive reviews and make money from advertising revenue. Visits to the pages can be tracked and analysed giving insight into what works well. When considering the best way to promote your business you may wonder whether the advantages of having a website are worth the high cost of a professionally designed and built website as it can cost anything from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds whereas to set up a business page on a social media platform is usually free and relatively simple to do.

The main reason why many business owners prefer to have a website is because they have control over it and its content. You decide what that website will look like in terms of design, the number and content of the pages and this is only changed or updated by you or your web designer.

A web presence on a social media platform is not so controlled and can be changed or updated without your prior consent. This may impact on your business for example products could be removed or reviews added without your knowledge. Breaches in security on the social media platform, whilst rare could negatively impact your customer relations and breach your data protection terms and conditions.