Is your website working for your business?

In this digital age in which we are living having a web presence is probably a necessity for any ambitious business. Although some smaller companies rely on social media to promote their products and services, a website usually generates more business and therefore could promote rapid growth of your company.

Is it necessary to employ a web designer and developer when you decide to launch your website? Not necessarily as you may have the skills to attempt this yourself. There are many useful online sites to guide you however utilising the services of a web designer will probably give you a more professional looking website.

The first thing that a visitor to your site will see will be the home page and so this should be engaging and clear so that visitors can see links to relevant pages and contact information. A link to a map showing the location of your business is a useful addition to your home page. The following pages of your website should have the same colours and design as your home page to ensure continuity.

Monitoring the number of visits to the site and how many of these are converted to sales is an important indicator of how effective the website is in promoting your business.