How to easily speed up your internet

When you are using the internet either for work or to search for information it can be very frustrating if the speed of your internet uploads and downloads is slow.  Reporting this issue to your service provider is the first thing to try as this can sometimes lead to a resolution but there are other […]

Online marketing can take time to see results

When it comes to online marketing, you sometimes do not get results instantly and have to give it time to see if it has worked. There are a number of different types of online marketing and some will give you instant results others will take weeks and maybe months to see a positive impact. This […]

Can your computer replace your doctor?

For many people a visit to the doctor is difficult to organise either because of a lack of appointments or because it is not easy to get time off work therefore the computer is for some the first port of call when trying to find advice on health issues. There are many websites that can […]

Providing an internet safety course for children

If children are using the internet whether it be at school or at home on phones or tablets, they need to have had access to an internet safety course. There are companies that will be willing to deliver these courses, but it is possible to design your own course as long as it contains the […]

Finding good IT support in schools

When working as a teacher in a primary school you may find yourself assuming the role of information technology coordinator. It could be that you have no expert knowledge in this area yet are often called upon to resolve computer issues that occur in school or be responsible for seeking out the appropriate external support. […]