Providing an internet safety course for children

If children are using the internet whether it be at school or at home on phones or tablets, they need to have had access to an internet safety course. There are companies that will be willing to deliver these courses, but it is possible to design your own course as long as it contains the […]

Sending your employees on IT courses

As a business owner you may think it is best not to send your employees on too many courses due to the cost of the courses but also the cost for the business having staff members out of the business for a few days. This often means that you are only thinking about the short […]

How can an I.T course help you?

Many of us use I.T in our jobs as well as in our daily life, but if you find that tasks on the computer are taking too long then you may consider investing in an I.T course. Some employers will happily pay for their employees to go on an I.T course if they think it […]

Finding the right IT course

If you want more training on particular software or elements of IT then you may be surprised to see the massive range of courses available to you. These courses can also range drastically in price from as little as £20 up in to the thousands. If it is training on a particular product or software […]

Google Analytics Courses

If you’re running your own website or providing website marketing services, one of the most important things you can achieve is competence in google analytics.Google analytics is one of the best tools out there for analysing visitors and their various behaviours, and so long as you understand how to optimise it you can discover a […]

IT Training for Businesses

Many businesses can be made much more efficient if members of staff have relevant IT training, and there are plenty of courses out there to suit your business’s needs. It training can work to help your business maximise return on investment. Why? Because business targeted IT courses are created to add value to a specific […]